landscaping mulch

Hardwood Shredded Bark Landscaping Mulch

It's Springtime at Hardwood Bark & Chip Delivery! For 33 years we have been delivering the highest quality, all organic shredded bark and chips from Michigan forests at a competitive price with prompt professional delivery service. We're West Michigan's oldest landscape mulch supplier. Our products are available for inspection. Deliveries are made to Ottawa County (Holland, Grand Haven) and nearby communities, including Douglas, Saugatuck, Fennville, and others.

All of our shredded bark comes from Michigan forests and are 100% organic and naturally insect-free. We do not regrind or blend pallets, scrap wood, or other fillers into our shredded barks. Regrinding or double grinding will make a mulch uniform and hide dirt and scrap wood fillers, but these mulches will not keep their color because of their high wood content and will decompose quickly because they are such a fine consistancy. Good shredded bark does not need to be re-ground.

landscaping mulch

We deliver any amount from as little as 1 yard to as much as 85 yards at a time. Same day deliveries are available Monday through Saturday.

  • Office: (616) 786-9786
  • Mobile: (616) 836-4088 or
  • Truck phone: (616) 240-2824 (for fast service or a quick quote)

All calls returned as soon as possible. Voicemails are checked constantly.
Call anytime from 7AM to 11PM.

We deliver the following:

  • Dark Oak Shredded Bark
  • Hardwood Shredded Bark
  • Cedar Shredded Bark
  • Oak Chips
  • Hardwood Chip Mulch
  • Hardwood Play Mulch
  • Peat-like Top Dirt
  • Dyed Mulch (All Colors)

All mulches are available for pickup or inspection before delivery. If you would like to see an example of our work, call for a location near you where our shredded bark has been laid down.

Call (616) 836-4088 for fastest service or EMAIL US